Poisons in our Water
Aluminum and Fluoride

Okay, does this make any sense? The government adds chemicals to our tap water to supposedly make it safe to drink, then we turn around and buy water filters to get the chemicals out?

We live in Tripp SD, and the water here is undrinkable. Why? Even when you add a filter to the tap water, it doesn't filter out the salt. So we wasted a lot of money buying a "under the counter" water filter. Do you know what it is like to drink of coffee or tea with this water? It's awful, I'll tell you that. We bought the Under the Sink Drinking System called OmniFilter CBF3

Store Bought Filtered Water

Everyone in town buys bottled water from the local grocery store. I went to the grocery one day and the owner showed me what they have to do to filter the water. He opened up the cabinet in the front of the store, in which there were 3 large filters inside. He also said there is a filter in the basement too. So that is four water filters that the tap water has to go through. He said it takes 4 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of drinking water, and yes, the price for the bottled water went up 30 more cents to 69 cents a gallon.

He also told me that the mayor of the city shut down the system of the "government added" chemicals, and it was off for a whole year till the government found out and threw a fit, and turned it back on. It's been on ever since.

Since we recently moved here, I'm not so sure we would have moved here if we had known about the water. Maybe that's why this town hasn't grown? While I was in the store, a man came in and said, "You can't drink the water here?" Apparently they had just moved into town too, and was shocked to find out you can't drink the water. How many other towns have this problem I wonder?

I know Delmont, SD doesn't, even though they have had some issues, but their water supply comes from a river, and it is filtered. We have been getting our water from a friend in Delmont. Yep, we go their ever week and fill up a 5 gallon jug. Pitiful.

I asked our neighbors where they get their water from, and they said they get their water in Mitchell, SD. Yep, they were heading out the door with some gallon jugs.

I was also told that years ago the city had an option to tap into a river water source, but chose not to, because Tripp has 3 wells. Well, now it is too late and this decision cannot apparently be reversed.

Natually Soft Water?

When I went in to talk the the Water Department, the mayor of Olivet was in there too. I asked what I could do to make the water drinkable, and they said basically, there is nothing you can do. She suggested that the best way to get used to the water is to put a gallon of it in the refrigerator, and drink it cold. Well, I tried that and it doesn't work. It still tastes salty.

She said, "We have natually soft water." Well, if you read about what makes water soft, you will find out it's because they add salt to the filter. She added that you will use less detergents, shampoo, cream rinse, etc. and the store owner said, "The best thing about it is that it doesn't leave a bathtub ring!" Huh?

I washed a load of clothes, and a silk shirt that I added, came out stiff as a board! We washed the car once, and it left water spots all over it, (the same with washing the dishes.) You can't even water the lawn because it kills the grass. We catch rain water in a bucket last year to just be able to water the garden.

The bad thing is that my hair is a disaster now. Even if I use a clarifier, I still have to rinse it with "salt water", and this water leaves a coating on everything including my hair and body. I don't even feel like I got clean by taking a shower!

Poisons in our Tap Water?

What kind of poisons are they putting in our drinking water? For one thing "fluoride" has been in the water since the 1950's under the disguise that it will prevent tooth decay. Well, I for one contest this assertion, it didn't prevent me from getting tooth decay all these years!

Facts about Fluoride

From being a troublesome industrial pollutant, fluoride suddenly became a desirable medication, and the fluoride-producing industries had a market for their toxic wastes. It was the American aluminium giant ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America) who first suggested that if naturally fluoridated water prevented tooth decay, then it was only logical to add fluoride to all drinking water to achieve the same benefits for all people. " Read more Fluoride is a poison

Poison Toothpaste?
Recently I just happen to read the label on the back of my Crest toothpaste tube, and also checked the Aquafresh tube. They both have a warning on them that states: Warning: "Do not swallow. Do not let children under the age of 6 swallow. If more than a pea size amount is swallowed, get medial treatment, or call a Poison Control Center." Huh? Our toothpaste is poison?

Facts about Aluminum

Short and simply put, aluminum is a poison. What? You didn't know they were putting aluminum in our water? The last three decades have seen a steady increase of aluminum in our environment and diet. Aluminum is harmful to all life forms.

Do you know what chemtrails are? They are those white streams of smoke that jets leave behind in across the sky, you know, those white trails. If you think about it, for how many years have you seen a jet leave a trail in the sky? They didn't use to. And recently I discovered that the reason we can see the jet trails is because someone got the bright idea of adding aluminum powder. And now voila, you can see chemtrails everywhere. We are the lab rats for this technology and something is very wrong in the military or intelligence branches somewhere.

Why would they do this? In a nutshell, they are trying to avert Global Warming, by adding a "reflective component" in the sky. Huh? Well, I have news for you, the powder falls to earth, and we're all being subjected to aluminum inhalation and exposure causing many people to become sick.

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