Facts about Drinking Water

How easy is it to buy pure, clean drinking water today, especially here in the good old USA?

On this website we're going to share some facts with you about the different types of water on the market today.

Then we'll take a look at the water purifying systems, and the varieties of bottled water.

Spring Water versus Mountain Spring Water

Which is better? Maybe it's just a matter for your tastebuds. But the book I read, says not to drink Spring water. They say to buy water that says Purified or Drinking Water. I've yet to see these labels on the water bottles in the store. Read More

Benefits of Minerals in Water?

What are the Benefits of Minerals in Water? Most minerals we get comes from the variety of fruits and vegetables we eat, and we need these minerals to maintain good health.

But for more than fifty years, research has been trying to prove the benefits of having minerals in our water. They have done continual studies of people in hard water areas and in soft water areas. Read More

Hard Water versus Soft Water?

We're going to take an in-depth look at what makes hard water soft, and the filtering systems on the market today. Read More

Tap Water versus Well Water

In the Midwest, where I was raised, they added fluoride in the water. Is there a benefit to having fluoride in the water? What about the public water systems? They add chlorine to purify the water. Is it true that the water you used to take a shower in the morning is the same water you water the lawn with at night? Read More

What is Distilled water?

When I was small, distilled water was something the you put in the steam irons to iron your clothes. Rain water was also considered distilled water, as well as ice cubes. I never would have thought that now a days they would recommend drinking distilled water. ughh! Read More

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